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eBay Policy Lab

The eBay Policy Lab, the e-commerce company's internal think tank, needed a series of policy reports on how technology is empowering small, internet-enabled business around the world. REQ translated Policy Lab’s findings into information-rich and attractive reports meant to appeal to policymakers and trade community leaders.

eBay Policy Lab - Research Findings and Policy Papers 

eBay Policy Lab Annual Report Design & Development
eBay Policy Lab Annual Report

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI)

The Fertilizer Institute, the trade association for the fertilizer industry, wanted a dynamic report highlighting the state of the industry. REQ created a unique visual style featuring graphics and photography to bring the trends in the fertilizer industry to life for member companies and policymakers.

The Fertilizer Institute State of the Industry Report (Digital Report) 

The Fertilizer Institute State of the Industry Report (Print Download) 

The Fertilizer Institute State of the Industry Report
The Fertilizer Institute State of the Industry Report Design and Development


SourceAmerica wanted an interactive way to recap their annual performance for their board and partner nonprofits. Their work with a network of 600 nonprofits helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment opportunities. For their year in review report, REQ created a visual style that kept the focus on people and the human stories behind their work.

SourceAmerica Annual Report - A Year in Review 

SourceAmerica Annual Report
SourceAmerica Annual Report Design and Development

The Estée Lauder Companies

The Estée Lauder Companies needed a compelling annual report for investors and wanted it to feature highlights from the CEO and Chairman. REQ used striking photographs from their collection of prestige luxury brands, bold headlines, infographics, and product images to show the full success of the brand that year, as envisioned by its executive leadership.

The Estée Lauder Companies Annual Investors Report

Estee Lauder Company Annual Investors Report
eBay Main Street
eBay Main Street Advocacy
SourceAmerica Hero Photo
The Fertilizer Institute
Fertilizer Photo Close Up

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