Human Rights Campaign

Growing product sales to benefit LGBTQ+ rights
Human Rights Campaign Case Study

Facts & Results

Google Search ROAS surpassed 1,000%
Facebook and Instagram ROAS of 512%
Established new analytics framework and reporting dashboard

Our Role

Digital advertising
Search engine optimization (SEO)
REQ Human Rights Campaign Facebook Ad


Audit and promote the store’s products online.

Our approach

REQ audited HRC’s analytics set-up, performed a search engine optimization (SEO) audit, and conducted user testing to understand how people visited and ultimately converted online. Based on our findings and an understanding of their marketing team’s needs, we established a new analytics framework, tagging format, and reporting dashboard to better track campaign performance.

We continue to support HRC with digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search. Campaign return on ad spend on Facebook has been as high as 4.72 and exceeded 10 on Google Search.

Human Rights Campaign Sponsored Ad
Human Rights Campaign Search Ad

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