Jackson Physician Search

Positioning a physician recruitment leader as the go-to source for industry insights
Jackson Physician Search Case Study

Facts & Results

Established Jackson Physician Search’s website as a go-to source of information for healthcare employers and job seekers searching for information on physician recruitment
Refined the user experience to facilitate each audience’s unique journey and goals
Crafted an enduring site design to increase leads from both job-seekers and prospective clients, drive visits to the blog and research, and boost SEO metrics across the board

Our Role

Website design & development (WordPress)
Content strategy
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Paid media
Website maintenance
Jackson Physician Search Homepage


Design and develop a new website to establish Jackson Physician Search as a leader in physician recruitment and retention.

Our approach

After a thorough discovery process including in-depth interviews with the client,  REQ crafted a site design and content strategy that would not only showcase Jackson Physician Search’s white-glove human approach, but also its technological expertise.  The sleek and image-rich new design features clear and distinct user journeys for both prospective clients and physicians, as well as robust resource centers for both prospective clients and job-seekers with topical pillar pages to host the client’s rich library of insights on specific topics. A sophisticated new taxonomy allows for the robust filtering of insights, success stories, and thought leadership for each audience.

Jackson Physician Search Website
Jackson Physician Search Website Interior Pages

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