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Defining a newly-crafted brand in a crowded, established market


Position and amplify the CSRA brand as a true innovator and the IT company of choice to attract both government agencies for contracts and technology talent to work for the company.

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  • Brand strategy & identity

  • Integrated marketing campaign development

  • Website design & development (Drupal)

  • Paid digital advertising

  • Content strategy & development

  • Print collateral

  • Video

CSRA Mobile Website Development
CSRA Website Development


“Think Next. Now.” is the connecting piece in everything related to CSRA, from messaging strategy to website to advertisements. Built in Drupal, the website is compelling, easy to navigate, and showcases CSRA’s mission to imagine a better future and deliver it today. As a cybersecurity government contractor, the website is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it underwent rigorous security testing and meets some of the highest cybersecurity standards.

However, there is much more to brand awareness than a website. CSRA conducted a “Pentagon Take Over,” placing advertisements across the Pentagon City Metro station and bus stops around Washington, DC, to reach their target audience: those working for the Department of Defense. Furthermore, CSRA ran a television advertisement in key markets during the 2017 Super Bowl, which helped stimulate a 35% increase in job applications in the weeks after the big game. After seeing the success of their first TV spot, CSRA aired another ad during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Shortly after the 2018 Super Bowl spot aired, CSRA was acquired by General Dynamics for $9.7 billion.


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CSRA Pentagon Metro Advertising
CSRA Metro Advertising
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