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Facts & Results

1,865 brokers signed up for at least one session
461 engagements during the six sessions
224 support emails with brokers following the webinar

Our Role

Training program strategy
Training materials
Webinar software setup, promotion, follow up & support
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Develop a digital marketing webinar series tailored to key players in the healthcare industry with strategies and steps to grow their local business.

Our approach

Centene Corporation, a leading health insurer and Fortune 500 company, relies on its Medicare broker network to generate a large percentage in new Medicare sales every year. Many of these independent Medicare brokers struggled to build their business presence online and lacked digital marketing skills to do so effectively. 

REQ developed and presented a six-lesson digital marketing 101 webinar curriculum designed to educate brokers—primarily mid-market Medicare brokerages—in digital marketing. The curriculum was also designed to serve as a marketing support system and empower the broker network. In addition, this program assisted Centene in their efforts to build broker trust through thought leadership. 

Webinar courses included topics on email marketing, web development, local SEO, and social media marketing. Webinars were well-attended and reviewed by Centene brokers, sparking interest in an ongoing broker support program.

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