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REQ Camana Bay

Facts & Results

Advertising efforts outperformed the industry average on every implemented platform

Our Role

Online reputation management (ORM)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Paid digital advertising
Content strategy & development
REQ Camana Bay Display Advertising


Introduce Camana Bay as the preeminent destination on Grand Cayman.

Our approach

REQ merged paid and organic marketing tactics in a dual-pronged approach crafted to put Camana Bay in front of Grand Cayman visitors at every stage of their journey, from online research and booking to travel on the island.

Supplemented with extensive paid campaigns, Camana Bay can adjust tactics based on their target audience, geography, demography, and seasonality.

REQ conducts regular site audits and presents and implements SEO recommendations on an ongoing basis. To adjust for the ebbs and flows of the Grand Cayman high season for tourism, campaign spend and targeting is regularly updated based on visitation data.

Advertising efforts have outperformed the industry average on every platform utilized.

REQ Camana Bay TripAdvisor Advertising
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REQ Camana Bay Display Advertising

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