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Building expertise and authority in search to increase organic performance
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Facts & Results

78% increase in new sessions
283% increase in organic sessions after May 2020 Core Update
Over 450,000 organic sessions
Over 450,000 new users
Average session duration of 1:35

Our Role

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content strategy & development
REQ American Sleep Association Sleep Apnea


Optimize existing content and develop new content based on organic search data to build authority, improve user experience, and prepare for future Google algorithm updates.

Our approach

The American Sleep Association (ASA) engaged REQ to construct a sustainable earned media strategy to regain lost traffic and improve its digital foundation for future search engine updates. With the goal of boosting and sustaining organic traffic, particularly around key topics like “sleep apnea,” we created a strategy consisting of technical analysis, on-page optimization, information architecture, content strategy and development, link acquisition, and Wikipedia page creation.

We performed a sitewide diagnostic of ASA to leverage related content themes. With sleep apnea resources as our primary focus, we identified opportunities for optimization, link acquisition, and user experience. We provided analysis and recommendations for aspects of key landing pages, such as copy, heading tags, image alt text, and metadata.

Our team performed keyword research, built out internal and external linking, updated page structure, and reimagined URL structure. With a comprehensive content strategy, we also refined content quality and optimized creative to improve authority and rankings for target keywords. Off-page, we developed and executed a link building strategy to reinforce our on-page efforts.


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