Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA)

Communicating the importance of a key player in the US wine and spirits industry

Facts & Results

Redesigned website in Drupal 8
Custom content strategy and illustrations effectively communicate the mission
Earned Horizon Interactive Award and W3 Award

Our Role

Website design & development (Drupal)
Content strategy & development
Ongoing website hosting & maintenance
Creative services
REQ WSWA Website


Redesign WSWA’s website to tell the story of how wholesalers bring selection, quality, and value to America’s wine and spirits industry.

Our approach

With engaging content, custom illustrations, and an innovative and user-friendly design, REQ brought the story of wholesalers to life to create a powerful digital advocacy tool. The redesigned website effectively and clearly illustrates the complex US wine and spirits market and communicates how wholesalers play a crucial role. REQ crafted a content strategy to intrigue and inform both policymakers and consumers.

REQ WSWA Website Laptop
REQ WSWA Mobile Website
REQ Wine Spirits Wholesalers Mobile Website
  • "REQ is a dream partner to work with. The way they translated the technical side of rebuilding a website to something I could consume and understand was very useful. They were transparent with timelines and were flexible with my schedule."

    Emily Magram - WSWA
    Manager, Communications & Membership

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