Mobilizing a constituent base in response to threatening legislation
REQ StubHub

Facts & Results

2.6 million+ impressions, 17,000+ link clicks, and 33,000+ post engagements for optimized Facebook campaigns in less than six months
250,000+ YouTube views for an animated video series
90% average percentage-viewed rate on YouTube

Our Role

Advocacy community building
Brand strategy & development
Website design & development (Drupal)
Digital advertising
REQ StubHub Concourse Example


Create an online advocacy platform to recruit and nurture a community of ticket buyers and sellers who will advocate for a free and open ticket marketplace.

Our approach

We created and implemented a full marketing strategy, Drupal website, and advocacy brand that could educate ticket buyers and sellers on the issues impacting the ticket market and equip them to take action. REQ also designed and animated a character, Tim the Ticket, to tell the story of why a free and open ticket market matters. 

REQ StubHub Concourse Website

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