Vector Solutions

Optimizing a website to represent multiple acquisitions
Vector Solutions Case Study

Facts & Results

Homepage tests improved conversion rate by over 85%
Course search experience tests improved conversions by nearly 150%
Average conversion rate test improvement was 45%

Our Role

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
Vector Solutions Landing Page


Conduct comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing to increase leads.

Our approach

REQ ideated and developed a testing strategy and framework to achieve significant conversion growth and transformative website improvements that impacted both the bottom line and overall user experience.

We implemented high-impact conversion rate optimization (CRO) tests across Vector Solutions’ website, including homepage redesign tests, reimagining the course search experience, course library redesigns, and other industry- and module-specific tests.

On average, our tests yielded a 45% improvement.

Vector Solutions Before and After

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