Fairfax EggBank

Attracting qualified egg donation applications.

Facts & Results

42% increase in medical application submissions, year-over-year, and 43% increase in approvals
Brought Fairfax EggBank first-to-market on TikTok and established 85% share of voice (SOV) among top competitors
Continuous monthly growth in application submissions
20% improvement in search impression share

Our Role

Social media
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content strategy & development
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Increase qualified egg donation applications to Fairfax EggBank while decreasing the cost per applicant.

Our approach

REQ developed and activated an advertising strategy across search, social, and display that increased medical egg donor applications across 20 geographic markets, while complying with Google’s health privacy restraints and retargeting limitations.

We served a high volume of ads in a highly curated and segmented method based on clinic locations. In-depth data and efficiency analysis allowed our team to identify which ads were performing strongest at any given time and allocate a set budget in the most effective way, maximizing the number of medical donor applications.

REQ also provided a content strategy and schedule of blog topic ideas and target keywords related to egg donations.

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