Developing a unique perspective in the world of hiring.
REQ HireRight Case Study

Facts & Results

Award wins
Engaging video content
Placement of contributed articles
Successfully secured targeted interview opportunities
Strategic consultation around crisis communication preparedness

Our Role

B2B public relations
Content strategy & development
Creative services
HireRight Blog Contributed Content


Elevate HireRight’s thought leadership and strategically position them for increased visibility in the period leading up to and following their IPO.

Our approach

HireRight is a global provider of background screening services with a goal to empower employers to make smarter hiring decisions. With tailored expertise in various industries and regions, HireRight crafts screening programs that align with the unique requirements of businesses, all while upholding compliance and effective risk management.

As a newly public company navigating the many compliance requirements and market nuances, our team took this as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. This creativity sparked a number of initiatives that have not only delivered on HireRight’s thought leadership goals in unconventional ways, but also embedded lasting best practices into HireRight’s communications team. To best service HireRight, we designed a PR strategy that matched the scale of the organization. Our work with HireRight included executive visibility, crisis communications preparation, award support, media relations, creative services, and more.

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