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REQ Excella Case Study

Facts & Results

Increased employee headcount by 16.2%
Recognized by 24 awards in one year

Our Role

Award Program
Employer Branding
Talent Recruitment
Excella Talent Recruitment PR Campaign


Increase brand awareness to support recruitment efforts that align with company expansion and growth.

Our approach

Excella started working with REQ as it was rapidly growing from the small business designation in federal procurement to being a prime contractor. In order to compete against larger government contracting firms, Excella’s executive leadership made recruiting great talent quickly a top priority. Working day-to-day with the full talent and marketing teams, REQ kicked off the program with a full-scale competitive analysis to find gaps in recruitment and employer messaging. Based on our research and recommendations, Excella implemented language and messaging changes throughout its website. Our revised messaging better reflected Excella’s unique commitment to their employees and learning culture, supporting their growth goals. 

To ensure Excella sees continued success in talent recruitment, REQ launched a comprehensive awards program to highlight Excella’s excellence as an employer and its diverse employee culture. In only one year, REQ helped Excella secure recognition through 24 awards, proving to potential candidates that Excella is a winning organization, not only for workplace culture but also for its accomplishments in creating cutting-edge technology. Several of the awards showcase Excellian executives who are making a difference in the technology industry, and surrounding communities, which was a validation of our key recruitment messages. 

Our recruitment program was concurrent with a thought leadership program and we have recently begun helping enhance Excella’s brand to increase lead gen and contract wins. Excella values REQ for its high-touch and customized approach to address its biggest priorities. 

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