Eric Gilbertsen

Chief Client Officer
Eric Gilbertsen REQ

Eric Gilbertsen leads the Client Service team at REQ and aims to please every client, but not by always saying “yes.” His passion for technology and curiosity about human behavior define his leadership, inspiring his team to deliver creative solutions that aren’t always obvious by achieving an unmatched understanding of brand landscapes, audiences, and client goals.

As a toddler, Eric only looked up at the TV during commercial breaks. As a teen, he was drawn to agency life by his aunt, a respected agency executive and professor. So, when he graduated from Miami University with a BS in Marketing, he waited all of eight days to begin his career at Young & Rubicam where his work with client Ford Motor Company earned him rapid promotions and recognitions.

He joined Lowe Worldwide (now MullenLowe) in 2003 to manage GMC's brand advertising and was formally recognized as a talented leader across the agency’s global offices.

Life brought Eric to DC in 2005, where he joined the DC office of Brunner and was promoted twice for his work leading client programs with GlaxoSmithKline, the American Bankers Association, and more.

Eric’s career expanded in 2009 when he joined REQ as VP, Account Director. By providing solid digital strategies and energetic service, he has retained and grown advocacy and brand marketing clients, while attracting many new and well-known clients. His successes propelled him into his dream job – the role he has now.

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