Emma Buthusiem

Assistant Account Executive
Emma Buthusiem REQ

As an Assistant Account Executive, Emma Buthusiem serves as the liaison between her team and clients, elevating brands, crafting strategies, and ensuring that client needs are met. Emma leverages her experience in online reputation management (ORM) and marketing to successfully implement goals and meet deadlines.

After interning at REQ and supporting the team on branding, ORM, advertising, and marketing projects, Emma joined REQ full time in June 2020. Prior to that, Emma held multiple marketing internships in Washington, DC, including with the Washington DC Economic Partnership and The Brand Guild. 

As a graduate of George Washington University, Emma holds her BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She also spent a semester in Florence, Italy pursuing a Minor in Communications to finish out her degree.

Originally from Wayne, PA, Emma is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and is learning to love DC sports as well. When not working, Emma loves to hike and be with her senior dog, Tuco.