Public Relations

REQ identifies your goals and helps you reach your destination with measurable earned media strategies and tactics.

Our PR team develops customized B2B, B2G, and tech startup programs to help clients reach specified business outcomes. We understand you have unique goals and metrics you need to reach.


First, we work with you to define where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. Is your goal higher revenue, accelerated investment, recharged recruiting, or being seen as an authority in your industry? We’ll start by asking you questions to get to the heart of your company’s story so we can implement the PR tactics and strategies that drive you toward your destination.


When we have defined where you want to go, we give you clear messaging to differentiate your brand. If your goal is higher revenue, we’ll refine your language to make sure it resonates in your industry. If your goal is accelerated investment, we’ll build out an investor pitch that hits just the right notes, along with supporting content and digital assets. To jumpstart recruiting, we’ll help you recast your own story—accentuating the unique benefits of your employment package.


Next, we pair your message with the right media and use the press, the web, social media, analysts, and channel partners to deliver the results you want, from leads to conversions and sales to new hires. We’ll help you leverage your new pitch to connect with top local, regional, and national investors in your space. 

Our team will identify speaking and award opportunities to expand your social footprint and position you and your company’s leadership as a first-look source in your industry. As we cultivate press coverage, we’ll also harness your social media channels to broadcast wins and assemble a loyal network of brand ambassadors.

If your goal is hiring, we’ll turn your website into a full-fledged hiring engine that puts your best employees in the spotlight—attracting like-minded candidates.


Every step of the process is customized, optimized, and continuously recalibrated to meet the changing needs of your business situation. And as your needs change, so will our messages and tactics.

We’ll be working with you all along the way, continually refining each and every aspect of our strategy to match shifting market conditions and chaotic re­prioritizations.

Let’s talk.