Measure results to better identify, understand, and engage your audiences according to your needs and goals.
REQ Analytics Service

At REQ, data and analytics are the foundation of our programs. Our team understands the importance of business goals and the art of turning data into valuable insights that inform your business strategy. 

We conduct analytics audits and build a measurement strategy framework to serve as the base of all analytics implementation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies.

Our Analytics team provides omnichannel reports to collect, blend, and normalize data from numerous sources in one place. We leverage a wide variety of platforms including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Shopify Analytics, CallRail, social media monitoring tools, and several other reporting and business intelligence tools to aggregate and visualize data. We have knowledge and expertise in the most industry-leading reporting technologies such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, Power BI, and Domo.

Creating omnichannel reports is just the first step, and we provide consistent value with our ongoing analysis and recommendations. We continuously review performance and provide actionable analysis to improve marketing strategies, optimize websites, and drive a higher ROI.

Beyond data mining and omnichannel reporting, we believe in multi-channel attribution to better identify, understand, and engage your audiences. We recommend tools that account for online and offline exposure like LeadsRx and platform-provided attribution tools.

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