Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR)

Enhancing member experience and engagement

Facts & Results

Integrated with MemberFindMe for membership engagement

Our Role

Website design & development (WordPress)
Membership database integration (MemberFindMe)
Email marketing integration (MailChimp)
REQ WWPR Website Laptop


Create a website that is easy-to-use for both members and web managers and integrates with WWPR’s membership database, events, and email marketing.

Our approach

REQ customized a WordPress template to create a website that makes it easy for members to get involved in the organization and stay involved through membership auto-renew capabilities. It allows for easy, intuitive browsing by potential members and has a simple interface that WWPR’s volunteer board can easily edit.

To engage WWPR’s sizable and growing membership, the website is integrated with MemberFindMe and their MailChimp email database to track membership status and event registrations.

REQ WWPR Website Mobile
REQ WWPR Website Tablet

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