Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Registering participants for Global Running Day
REQ Rock n Roll Marathon

Facts & Results

Over 6,000 registrants in 3 days
49.7x display ROAS
30.1x paid search ROAS
6.4x social ads ROAS

Our Role

Performance marketing
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media advertising
Display advertising
Creative services
REQ Rock n Roll Marathon Registration


Increase awareness and drive race registrations through prospecting, targeted messaging, and remarketing.

Our approach

REQ was tasked with registering as many runners as possible for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon’s Global Running Day race within a three-day period. Our strategy leveraged a mix of branded and non-branded paid search, social, and display advertisements to maximize reach among lookalike audiences from race alumni as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Messaging was tailored for each stage of the event, including the awareness period and registration period. While the awareness messaging was education-focused and included calls to action like “Get Details” and “Learn More,” the registration messaging conveyed a sense of urgency with calls to action using language such as “Limited Time,“ “While They Last,”  and “Today Only.”

Because remarketing advertising strategies are more targeted and typically entail a lower cost per registration, REQ invested in this tactic, focusing in particular on those with heightened interest, such as website visitors and race alumni. Social ads were also used to target an additional layer of leads: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon fans on social media.

REQ Rock n Roll Marathon Social Advertisement

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