PN Hoffman

Selling high-end condos in a growing neighborhood
REQ PN Hoffman

Facts & Results

6.59% CTR for Google Search Ads
Single Instagram ad led to $1 million condo sale
2,000 purchase inquiries driven by digital advertising

Our Role

Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media marketing
Digital advertising
Creative services
REQ PN Hoffman Advertising


Target prospective condominium buyers and brokers with an integrated, measurable digital advertising campaign.

Our approach

REQ leveraged an integrated digital advertising approach to equip PN Hoffman to fully sell out condos at 525 Water, with The Bower and VIO approaching the sold-out mark.

Our strategy merged Google search and display, Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, and local programmatic with specific geofencing.  

REQ’s ad strategy drove measurable footfall to the properties, with close to 2,000 prospective buyers visiting a PN Hoffman property in-person to inquire about availability after seeing an ad online.

The PN Hoffman and REQ teams held monthly reporting and strategy sessions to determine when to shift advertising spend between platforms and when to ultimately turn campaigns off.

REQ PN Hoffman Instagram Ad
REQ PN Hoffman Zillow Ad
REQ PN Hoffman Display Ad