Maintaining global leadership in a rapidly-changing digital landscape
REQ Mastercard

Facts & Results

39% increase in qualified lead conversions in two years
28% increase in inbound qualified leads in two years
27% increase in total global traffic in two years
162% increase in link growth in two years

Our Role

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Paid media marketing
Analytics & reporting
Content marketing
REQ Mastercard Digital


Develop search strategy, tools, and training for Mastercard Global to increase organic search traffic.

Our approach

REQ developed and deployed an earned media strategy for Mastercard that equipped and empowered the brand’s team to take control of their search presence, set their brand apart from the competition, drive leads, and stay well ahead of an ever-evolving algorithm. 

REQ’s strategy included tool workflow documentation, content guides, technical best practice identification and implementation, public relations and search integration guidelines, and global report creation. Market leads were then able to deploy these tools to inform market-specific sales strategies and bolster the effectiveness of their localized marketing efforts. 

REQ added further value with ongoing global SEO technical support and content marketing support to ensure all SEO tactics worked together seamlessly. These efforts included reorganizing on-page content and blog content, as well as expanding content marketing efforts to include interactive infographics, widgets, videos, and localized social content. 

Our team also worked with Mastercard to develop and deploy, also called Priceless Cities, a global content hub designed to increase SEO rankings as well as inbound lead traffic.

REQ Mastercard Analytics Reporting

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