Closet America

Improving organic search and lead generation for a leading home service company
REQ ClosetAmerica

Facts & Results

108% increase in form conversion
58% increases in organic traffic to the website
4.9% to 8% increase in PPC conversion

Our Role

Brand strategy
Website design & development (Drupal)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Content strategy & development
Closet America closet example


Create a comprehensive brand strategy for an established, regional company.

Our approach

REQ designed and developed a new website that not only illustrates the brand’s promise, services, and approach, but supports lead generation goals through SEO integration. 

The new website is accessible across all devices and enables easy client-side updates. Closet America’s brand enjoyed a 58% surge in organic traffic as well as an increase in form and PPC conversions from 4.9% to 8%.

REQ Closet America Website Desktop
REQ Closet America Website Tablet
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