Data & Analytics

REQ brings the best-in-class combination of tools, and analysis to understand the human decisions revealed by data and derive actionable business intelligence for your digital marketing strategy.

REQ goes beyond providing clients with data analytics. We create a performance model for your campaign, teach you how to interpret the results, and give you the key to continuous improvement.


We start by understanding what you’re trying to accomplish so we know how to set our metrics for success. We then choose the appropriate tools and technologies to monitor and measure your goals.


We deploy your performance measurement and analytics strategy and conduct ongoing user testing, news monitoring, social listening, sentiment analysis, and more to power insights for your digital marketing campaign. 


REQ delivers custom, performance-based reports and alerts on conversion rates and key performance indicators, as well as data for predictive analysis. 


REQ goes beyond reporting data to equip you to interpret what it means for your brand and make informed strategic decisions for your business. 

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