Social Media

Ensure you’re delivering the right message via the right channels with a social media strategy and playbook crafted just for your brand.
REQ Social Media Service

To succeed as a brand, company, or organization, you need to know how to leverage different social channels to reach your audience with compelling, informative, and engaging social content.

Our SEO, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations, and social media experts collaborate to conduct thorough social media audits. We identify what you’re doing well, where to find specific audiences, and which channels and platforms you may want to add to your digital presence to reach a specific goal.

REQ uses proven strategies and tactics to build social calendars and draft content that’s timely, interesting, and shareable. We then work with in-house teams to publish this content or our team can post content from your channels.

We can also work closely with key stakeholders in your brand to understand the types of engagement your social profiles are receiving and craft responses for specific types of comments, questions, tweets, and messages from your audience.

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