Today in Forbes: REQ EVP Elizabeth Shea Discusses How to Use Sell-side Communications to Improve a Company's Valuation

Forbes published an article by REQ EVP, Public Relations, Elizabeth Shea that guides companies looking to sell on creating and executing sell-side communications strategies that will enhance their marketplace perception and positively influence valuation.

In the article, Elizabeth explains that whether it’s a strategic or a financial sale, a sell-side communications program for M&A gives businesses looking to be acquired the opportunity to tout metrics that are attractive to all investors. She also details the importance of differentiating between strategic and financial buyers and how best to position a company to each type of potential acquirer.

“Having an organized sell-side communications plan gives suitors confidence they are pursuing a winning acquisition,” Elizabeth comments. “It can increase awareness about a company, improve valuation, and smooth the way for post-acquisition success.”

While aligning communications with desired suitors is imperative, so too is having a sell-side communications strategy that packages a business in a way which is appealing to buyers, similar to what a broker does.

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