Today in Forbes: REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly Discusses 3 Trends in Digital Marketing

In a recent article for Forbes, REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly discussed three trends in digital marketing that can bring companies and brands closer to their customers, especially as consumers spend more and more time online.

“To stay in business, you have to go where the consumers are, and consumers are online more than ever,” says Tripp. Getting closer to your customers increases your marketing campaigns’ chances of success.

Tripp sees three top trends for connecting with customers:

  1. People Love Visuals, Videos, and Voice - Creating a consistent look and feel for your brand and complementing that with a solid strategy around voice-based technology will help you stay modern and better connect with your audience.
  2. Programmatic Ads Are Big - Programmatic ads now make up 62% of all digital display ad buying. “Ensure that your teams understand the capabilities of programmatic advertising and all of the platforms and solutions that support these efforts,” suggests Tripp.
  3. Customer Data Reigns Supreme - All digital marketing… should be data driven,” Tripp explains. Understanding what has worked in the past can help you optimize your campaigns to reach your target audiences and lead to long-term success.

“The digital marketing landscape is shifting pretty rapidly, and the old rules of the game may no longer apply,” Tripp says. “Be ready to embrace new marketing tactics and tools to stay ahead and win over your customers. It’s not going to be easy, but it's pretty exciting.”

Read the full article on Forbes and see Tripp’s past contributions.