Today in Forbes: REQ EVP Elizabeth Shea Discusses the Shifting Media Landscape ‘Earned’ vs. ‘Owned’

Forbes published an article written by REQ EVP, Public Relations, Elizabeth Shea, that discusses the blurred lines between earned and owned media. With the sharp rise in influencer marketing and social media to drive conversations around brands, marketing opportunities have increased but resulted in confusion amongst the industry.

“In short, it’s much easier to get your thoughts in front of your audiences,” Elizabeth comments. “But, in a world where consumers and customers can easily see through marketing speak, it’s even more important to come across as credible.”

Elizabeth notes that the blurring of lines means an increase in exciting and powerful ways to present brands. Even if there are differing definitions of tactics, public relations professionals need to “adjust our ideas of what ‘media coverage’ really means” and “shift our definitions -- and the strategies and tactics we use to market our brands -- to move along with it.”

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