Earlier this week, Google confirmed that a broad core algorithm update was released on March 12, 2019. While search marketers were originally referring to this update as “Update Florida 2” as it is the second Google algorithm update that has coincided with the popular, annual SEO conference, Pubcon Florida, Google’s official name for this update is the “March 2019 Core Update”.

One constantly evolving element of the SEO space is, and has been for years, how search engines handle black hat methods like link spam.

When debugging Matomo (formerly PiWik) with Google Tag Manager (GTM), you may have noticed that the Matomo scripts execute and send data to your Matomo server. This is because while GTM is designed not to send data for Google Analytics tags, all JavaScript or other code in HTML tags do execute.

While comparing total ad spend across platforms for REQ’s client portfolio in 2018, we came across a surprising trend. Amazon moved into the top 4 right behind the usual suspects Google, Twitter, and Facebook. In 2017, it didn’t even break into the top 10.