While comparing total ad spend across platforms for REQ’s client portfolio in 2018, we came across a surprising trend. Amazon moved into the top 4 right behind the usual suspects Google, Twitter, and Facebook. In 2017, it didn’t even break into the top 10.

One challenge inherent in the search engine game – even for Google itself – is the question of how to properly weigh age versus freshness when it comes to content. We often rail against the stickiness of results that are years old and, in many cases, no longer fully accurate.

As the year goes on, keep an eye out for these trends that we expect to impact the SEO industry and the way in which we conduct and implement strategies.

Digital advertising is constantly evolving, so it makes sense that the metrics we use as our benchmarks for success for our client accounts should change also. Our clients want to know how their performance stacks up to everyone else (and for good reason).