Today in Forbes: REQ EVP Elizabeth Shea Identifies Top PR Trends for 2024

Forbes published an article from REQ EVP, Public Relations, Elizabeth Shea, offering PR insights on the trends she expects to see at the forefront of communications in 2024.

In the article, Elizabeth shares that she believes that AI and automation will continue to become more deeply integrated into PR practices over the next few years, helping to streamline tasks and allowing PR professionals to focus more on strategy, creativity and relationship-building with clients.

Elizabeth also forecasts that industry consolidation will likely continue, with larger firms aiming to expand their service offerings and global reach. The new alliances will form more competitive entities as the rapid pace of digital transformation continues to influence industry M&A activity.

“PR professionals will likely work more closely with marketing teams to align goals and metrics,” Elizabeth writes. “ROI calculations will become more comprehensive, combining PR and broader marketing efforts to provide a holistic view of the impact on the business.”

Other trends Elizabeth expects to unfold are an increase in data-driven storytelling for companies looking to stand out to journalists in a crowded news landscape and greater attention paid to purpose-driven communication, particularly given the heightened sensitivities tied to an election year and the escalating frequency of global, social and humanitarian events and crises.

Read more about Elizabeth’s PR expectations for 2024 in the full article on Forbes.