Forbes Publishes REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly on Marketing Tactics in the Digital Age

Forbes published an article written by REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly that highlights the evolution of integrated marketing--the journey from push to pull tactics that REQ has continued to capitalize on over the course of its ten-year history.

Tripp outlines the push marketing model, the status quo from the inception of advertising, which involved promotions across TV, billboards, print ads, radio--everything you could afford. Marketers relied mainly on hope and scale that their ads reached their target audience.

Over the last decade, however, consumers have shifted in how they find information and make purchasing decisions. Pull marketing tactics allow for acute focus and granular targeting, rather than the more blanketed approach that push marketing dictates. Tripp notes that while it may be tempting to abandon push marketing, this is a mistake. “A digital-forward strategy is nothing short of compulsory in today’s landscape,” Tripp comments, “however, eliminating push marketing has proven to be a mistake. Push is necessary to optimize pull.”

Tripp’s insights on this topic stem from two decades in the digital world as the CEO and founder of a pioneering digital marketing agency. Under Tripp’s leadership, REQ provides integrated approaches for its clients to optimize business results.

Read the full article on Forbes and see Tripp's past contributions.