The State of Search: New Google My Business App Coming Soon

April 2022 was a volatile time as our algorithm sensors reported significant turbulence in the search results throughout the month. Although nothing has been confirmed by Google, larger algorithm updates may have occurred on or around April 4, April 13-14, and April 20-21, as demonstrated by the spikes in the graph, below: April 2022 Search Volatility

We are in the process of analyzing how our client sites’ organic traffic and rankings have changed throughout the month in light of the possible algorithm updates. We will report back on significant findings in the coming weeks. 

Google News & Tips

  • Product Reviews Update - Google confirmed that its rollout was completed on April 11.
  • Highly Cited - Google will be labeling Top Stories frequently cited by other news outlets as “highly cited” to help users identify credible sources and address misinformation. 
  • Multisearch Function - Through the Google app and Lens, users can now search using images and text at the same time. 
  • Google My Business App - The GMB app is being replaced. Users should refer to Google Maps and Search to keep their profiles current and connect with customers. 

What This Means for You

As we review the changes in the SERPs in April, it’s important to consider seasonality and major events like holidays when analyzing major fluctuations in the search results. Both Passover and Easter occurred mid-month which may have also contributed to some of the volatility experienced during this time. It is also important to remember that Google is constantly making updates to its algorithms to improve the search results, many of which can lead to noticeable changes in organic rankings and traffic. During this time, we recommend looking for opportunities to improve overall site quality–from content to user experience–and analyzing the intent of keywords where rankings were lost. 

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