REQ Gets the Inside Scoop on What's Next for Facebook

REQ was recently designated as a verified Facebook Marketing Agency Partner, a new program that provides a select number of agencies with direct access to Facebook experts, as well as to exclusive resources, training, and events. These benefits allow us to provide clients with increased expertise and value to successfully reach goals on Facebook and Instagram.

A few members of our digital advertising team attended the Facebook Agency Expo in NYC as a welcome to the program and to gain additional insights on best practices. We also gained insights on what’s next for the platform directly from Facebook’s experts.  Here’s what we learned:

  • REQ has access to the newly developed Facebook Marketing Partners Hub, providing us with powerful tools and insights to inform strategy during the media planning process.
  • In the breakout session “Demystifying the Facebook Auction,” the presenter stressed the importance of setting the right objective for each campaign. Instead of optimizing for clicks by default, optimize for the most meaningful signals that will help users reach the desired action, like purchases or sign-ups.  
  • Facebook emphasized the importance of reaching consumers wherever they are and leveraging data points gained from those interactions. Using appropriate tracking methods to connect the dots from digital to off-line or in-store conversions will drive more meaningful insights into the user journey.
  • In all of Facebook’s testing, a few creative best practices ring true:
    • Lead with brand. The best performing mobile creative leads with visual cues and communicates the brand within the first few seconds of a video or story ad.
    • Maximize creative asset usage. Campaigns that ran with an average of 45 ad variations realized an 11-fold improvement in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) compared to campaigns that ran with only four ad variations.
    • Design for versatility. With so many different ad formats available, it’s important to understand when and how each type of content is consumed.
    • Test, Test, Test!  
  • Facebook Marketing Partners can schedule consultations with Facebook Solutions Engineers to integrate and troubleshoot additional data connectors – like product catalogs and CRM databases.

Back at REQ, we are looking forward to leveraging our new role as a verified Facebook Marketing Agency Partner – and to implement these best practices – as we continue to craft highly effective Facebook advertising strategies for our clients.

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