Premier Google Partner: More Than a Badge

You may have heard: REQ was recognized as a Premier Google Partner with specializations in Search, Mobile, and Display Ads. But beyond the plaque and distinguished badge, you’re probably wondering what the Premier status says about our work and how it benefits our current and future clients. We’ve got your answers.

What is a Premier Google Partner?

In a nutshell, it’s Google’s endorsement that an agency has the expertise and manpower to generate results for larger clients with more demanding needs. And it’s a pretty high distinction, given that only 3% of all Google Partners qualified as Premier.

But first things first: Google Partner status is given to agencies with solid Google product knowledge, a healthy client base, and a track record of success. While earning Google Partner recognition is no easy feat, Premier is even harder. Being recognized as a Premier Google Partner means that Google acknowleges REQ is a partner with the chops and the heft to stand above the rest.

What does the Premier Google Partner status mean for our clients?

To our clients, the value added is simple. You have the assurance that our agency’s staying up to speed and remains cutting edge in an always changing industry; but more importantly, you have access to Google.

Becoming a Premier Google Partner is more than just a badge. It represents an ongoing relationship we cultivate with dedicated Google reps to ensure we’re seeing new tactics and Google offerings that can benefit our clients before mass adoption - such as Google’s Expanded Text Ads, currently in beta and inaccessible to most advertisers.

It also allows us to provide in-person training and case studies for our clients from Google reps themselves, such as our recent Morning Brew session hosted for Associations and Advocacy groups.

As a company, we’ve worked hard to achieve the Premier Google Partner status and we’re excited to put our expanded Partner benefits to work for our clients.