Monthly Marketing Update: Bard is Coming to Google Search

Search Engine Optimization

Results of the March 2023 Google Core Update. The March 2023 core update was both big and impactful. Early analysis indicates that Google improved its ability to identify content that is helpful and relevant, which may have impacted more significant rank fluctuations during the March update. More from Search Engine Land.

Google Adds New SERP Features for Select Industries. Google has announced three new features including a new story format for hotel bookings, price guarantees for some flights and new discover tools for locations. See visuals from Search Engine Roundtable.

Bard is Coming to Google Search. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Bard, the company’s AI chatbot, is coming to Google Search any day now. Microsoft’s Bing integrated ChatGPT last month, effectively forcing Google’s hand. Read more about Bard here.

Paid Search

Amazon Ads Launches a New Feature to Allow Advertising Across Countries From a Single Sponsored Ads Account. International advertising on Amazon has become easier with the recent launch of this feature. New advertisers only need to create one account to register for sponsored ads in all eligible countries and existing advertisers can manage campaigns from different countries in a single sponsored ads account. Read more here. 

First Click, Linear, Time Decay, and Position-Based Attribution Models are Going Away. Google has announced that four rules-based attribution models are being discontinued starting in June 2023, and that data-driven attribution (DDA) will be the default attribution model in Google Ads and Google Analytics 4. DDA is widely acknowledged as best practice when utilizing automated bidding in Google Ads, but if an advertiser doesn’t want to utilize it, they will still have access to the last-click model. Read more here. 


Reveal Mobile Launches Integration with Google Campaign Manager 360 (GCM). The new integration enables offline conversions for Location Visits attributed within GCM. This opens up measurement capabilities for location-based campaigns where previously attribution had to be measured by a third-party vendor. More info here.

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