Monthly Marketing Update: Google Spotlights "Bard" On a Different Stage

Earned Media

For Some Google Business Profiles, The Price is Wrong. Google is adding pricing information to some services offered on Google Business Profiles (GBPs), and in some cases, the pricing may be incorrect. Marketers should monitor GBP profiles to ensure pricing is correct, and be vigilant about mitigating any potential adverse impacts of incorrect pricing on search rankings. Read more here.

Microsoft Bing Just Got a Lot Chattier. The second largest search engine in the world by market share, Microsoft Bing, has dispatched a beta version of its AI chatbot to aid searchers while hinting at a near-future Promised Land of perfectly personalized search results. Now, instead of a string of results, searchers may see one result, followed by a chat box presenting follow-up questions. The new chat feature, which Microsoft revealed harnesses OpenAI’s latest large language model, GPT4, is only available to Microsoft Edge users upon invitation, but gives a glimpse at what lies ahead for the world of search. Advertisers should monitor the rollout of chat features in search engines for any impacts on site rankings. Read more here.

Google’s Algorithm Evolves, But Keeps Taste for Quality Content. Google released a Core Update in mid-March, with the aim to serve up better search results. It’s too early to say how the algorithm has changed, but advertisers should monitor their clients’ organic traffic and rankings over the next two weeks and analyze any increases or decreases, especially in the top 10 search results. If a client’s page drops out of the top 10 for a particular keywords, take a look at what is ranking in the top 10 for that keywords and see how your page content compares. Note any gaps or changes needed regain ranking. As always, advertisers should keep a laser focus on creating original content that serves audiences needs. Read more here

We Know Which Link-In-Bio Boosts SEO the Most.  Link-In-Bio tools – known as ’link list page apps’ or ‘social media reference landing pages’, are very popular, and one of them gives your bio a better boost in search. According to Search Engine Land, is the best link-in-bio platform to use if your goal is boosting search rankings for SEO. Read more here.

Content is Still King. Make Sure it Rules. Is it time to take another look at your site’s content to make sure it stacks up? Search Engine Land has released a checklist for conducting a content audit. This handy reference walks you through the step-by-step process of assessing site content for quality, relevance and appropriateness. Read more here

Google Moves To Spotlight ‘Bard’ On a Different Stage from Google Search. Google unveiled ‘Bard’, an AI chat tool and the lighter-weight offspring of its two-year-old LAMDA large language model project, in February. While initially suggesting Bard would synergize with Google Search, Google has now proactively moved to pivot the public’s perception of a preeminent product pairing. The shuffle is a clue that even smart companies like Google might not know exactly where AI is going, but advertisers should stay alert for a signal in the noise. Read more here.

Paid Social

TikTok Releases New Feature to Partly Automate Campaign Management. TikTok just deployed its Smart Performance Campaign (SPC) Option for Web Conversions, which it says will help take out “the manual work from your traditional campaign management.” TikTok says the feature can create multiple creative options, bid, and optimize performance on its own. Advertisers can A/B test the feature against existing conversion campaigns for 1, optimized conversion performance; 2, ad creation made easier; and 3) extended ad shelf time. Read more here.

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