Monthly Media Update: Google Adds New AI-Powered Features

Search Engine Optimization

Google’s New AI-Powered Features: Search Just Got Smarter. With this new rollout from Google, you will now be able to search with images and text simultaneously, as well as search your screen with Google Lens. Read more here

Content, Social & Email

Instagram Announces Removal of Live Stream Shopping Elements. Beginning in March 2023, Instagram users will no longer be able to tag products while live streaming. As Meta continues to cut costs and streamline operations, they will be moving completely away from this feature. 

Paid Search

Google Launches Cost-Per-Hour Masthead on YouTube. Marketers can buy placements on YouTube's Masthead in the hours around or during a priority moment. The combination of such a prominent placement and a large audience can have significant impact and potentially increase conversions. Pricing and inventory details are still forthcoming but this could be a big opportunity for national brands.

Google Ads New Feature: Account-Level Negative Keywords. Google has rolled out account-level negative keywords globally after testing the feature last year. This makes it more convenient to ensure brand safety and suitability on Search, Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns. Previously, managers would either need to duplicate negative keywords across campaigns and groups or create a negative keyword list and apply it to all campaigns. Now advertisers can find the option to add account-level negative keywords under their Account settings.

Paid Social

Twitter Political Ads Ban. Twitter plans to lift its restrictions on political ads, saying it would immediately allow issue-based paid content on the platform while political advertisements will return “in the coming weeks." The company also announced plans to expand political advertising, but didn’t set a specific time frame. See post here.  

TikTok Keyword Insights Added to Creative Center. This tool will source and analyze keywords and phrases from real TikTok ads, including voice-over audio, text overlays, and caption text. The key benefits here allow advertisers to find inspiration for ad copy development and learn which keywords and phrases are working in your region or industry.


Programmatic Trends for 2023. Basis - a dominant DSP (Demand Side Platform) breaks down seven trends to watch for this year. With the decline of coo

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