Google Analytics 4 is Coming. Are You Ready?

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) in July 2023 and many organizations are making the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4, formerly known as “App+Web”). As they start to learn more about this powerful next-generation platform, users will notice some big changes in GA4, including advanced features:

  • Data streams allow seamless integration between multiple different data sources, including mobile apps
  • Commonly required tracking elements are enabled via configuration and set in GA’s interface without required code deployment or development
  • GA4 reporting is more configurable with its event-based model
  • Data retrieval is significantly faster
  • Availability of additional custom dimensions and metrics (50 in GA4 vs. 20 in UA)
  • Improved data visualization capabilities
  • Predictive analysis audience creation tools with e-commerce purchase event metrics
  • Simplified cross-domain configuration
  • Stronger emphasis on user-focused tracking and reporting (versus the session-based UA model) 
  • Much more expansive set of events with parameters
  • Insights across touchpoints provide a complete view of the customer lifecycle with a measurement model that isn’t fragmented by platform
  • Data-driven attribution assigns credit to more than just the last click, helping you understand how different marketing activities collectively influence conversions
  • Highly configurable UI allowing you to customize your experience with what you need most

Our analytics team is prepared to assist with the migration to GA4. Although we are creating GA4 accounts and installing appropriate tracking pixels in August 2022, there are a number of steps required to properly configure GA4 tracking, conversions, and reporting. 

We have developed a proactive process for properly configuring GA4 beyond initial implementation to establish and optimize parallel tracking, integrate new GA4 features, and provide final cutover support when UA sunsets in July 2023.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you prepare for this critical transition period and position your marketing efforts to excel.

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