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Empowering small business owners and e-Commerce advocates

eBay Main Street Advocacy Website


The community has grown to more than 1.1 million members since Main Street’s launch.


More than 1 million letters and petition signatures were sent to legislators within a one week period.


Develop a global grassroots community of eBay’s sellers that want their voices heard and want to enact change within government policy.

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  • Digital strategy

  • Community building & management

  • Social media strategy & management

  • Website design & development (Drupal)

  • Online advocacy platform integration (Momentum)

  • Multilingual microsite design & development (Drupal)

  • Ongoing website hosting & maintenance

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eBay Main Street tackles complex issues such as net neutrality, Internet sales tax, and global trade. Its members shape policy through letters, petitions, and tweets to policymakers when action is needed. The development of a vibrant community of advocates, combined with a sophisticated digital strategy, has grown the community to more than 1.1 million members since Main Street’s launch. It has been recognized as one of the most impactful digital advocacy campaigns having more than 1 million letters and petition signatures sent to legislators in a one week period.

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