REQ's CEO Tripp Donnelly featured in Washington Business Journal as "DC's Don Draper for Digital"

Washington DC - March 9, 2018 - Washington Business Journal spotlighted REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly for his success in the digital landscape, particularly as the company has grown and rebranded from the reputation-focused RepEquity to the proactive and full-service REQ.

WBJ’s Emily Van Zandt sat down with Tripp to dive into the evolution of digital over the past 20 years and understand both the successes and challenges that REQ has faced.

“The digital landscape has changed so dramatically. For me, it’s nearing 20 years in technology.” Tripp noted “If you think back in the 10 years, though we started mostly search-focused and reputation management-focused, now we handle all forms of marketing in search and social media and digital. Back then, there wasn’t a Facebook or LinkedIn or social media.”

In a space as volatile and crowded as media, REQ has learned how to face and adapt to challenges. Tripp commented: “The challenge is going to be making sure that clients, employees and partners understand what the new evolution of the company is as REQ. We now need to articulate what our value system is. What is the business value to clients? What is the value on how we attract and retain great employees? This is a very competitive landscape. They need to understand that as we went through this rebrand, it’s meant to mark that we did a lot more than we once did.”

The 10th anniversary of the company presented an opportunity for reinvention, and REQ continues to focus on empowering their clients to determine their own future in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. Read the full article here.