REQ Produces 2nd Super Bowl Ad for Government Contractor CSRA

In 2016, we worked with CSRA, a Virginia-based leader in government and technology contracting, to develop a new brand tagline: “Think Next. Now.” CSRA debuted the tagline in their 2017 Super Bowl commercial, which aired in the greater Washington region. The spot drove a 35% increase in job applications, among other impressive results. Following the success of the new tagline, CSRA again approached us to create a new commercial for the 2018 Super Bowl.

To create this spot, we sought to bring a human element to the story of how CSRA delivers solutions to help government agencies fulfill their missions. We also wanted to differentiate CSRA from other government contractors and bring a fresh new perspective to an industry characterized by highly specialized terminology and technology.

To start, we drew inspiration from the fascination and wonderment with which children approach the world. We all know children who ask a lot of questions. They’re inquisitive. They’re curious. CSRA’s 30-second spot, called “Curiosity,” gives them center stage.

The spot features a montage of children asking questions such as: “What do robots eat?” and “Can you change the weather?”. Through questions, children learn about the world. Similarly, an ability to imagine the impossible and ask crucial questions drives CSRA’s capacity to innovate and develop solutions.

The spot ends with a child asking: “What does the future look like?” Using the power of allegory, children’s inherent curiosity becomes the poignant lens through which to understand CSRA’s tagline: Think Next. Now.

Just days after the commercial aired during the Super Bowl in five markets coast to coast, including DC, Tampa, Oklahoma City, San Diego, and Montgomery, AL, we've seen tremendous results and some great coverage of CSRA and the Super Bowl ad. Check out a few of the earned media mentions from WTOP and Washington Business Journal, and NBC4 Washington.