REQ PR Team Recognized As Platinum TITAN Women in Business Award Winner

The International Awards Associate (IAA) and the TITAN Women in Business Awards have selected REQ’s PR team as a platinum winner in the “PR & Communications Team of the Year” category. 

A jury of 20 senior-level executives, business professionals, and acclaimed entrepreneurs selected REQ from a pool of hundreds of applications from over 25 countries. The PR team was selected for its unique approach to client retention and value delivery, which has driven significant growth for the company year-over-year. 

“At REQ, we pinpoint exactly what our client wants to get out of the relationship, aligning our PR strategy with macro business goals,” said Public Relations EVP Elizabeth Shea. “This strategy has not only helped us stand out in the industry, but also significantly grow our client base in recent years. And we’re proud to have a strong team that knows how to deliver meaningful results for our clients. Thank you to the TITAN Women in Business Awards for the recognition, and congratulations to our fellow winners!”

REQ’s PR work has shone a spotlight on the technology industry’s top thinkers and performers and led to hundreds of successful product launches, valuations, and company exits. In recent years, the team has experienced significant growth in the market breadth and size of its client base, retainer value, and annual revenue. And over the past two years alone, the team has experienced 34% growth in revenue year-over-year. Driving this growth is strong client retention and access to REQ’s full marketing stack offerings, as well as our commitment to delivering client satisfaction and value.

About REQ

REQ serves global companies and leaders in technology, health care, business-to-government, real estate, hospitality, and finance. We deliver digital marketing and PR services that transform the way brands are defined, connected, and protected. We outpace changes in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape by bringing brand, advocacy, reputation, and business results to new heights. 

About TITAN Women in Business Awards

The TITAN Women in Business Awards program honors exceptional females who have made remarkable strides in the ever-evolving business landscape, making a substantial impact with their unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions. The program serves as a beacon of inspiration, recognizing and celebrating their monumental impacts on the business world.

About International Awards Associate (IAA)

Established in 2015, the International Awards Associate (IAA) is a global organization that is dedicated to recognizing professional excellence and outstanding achievements in various industries. As the organizer of a wide range of prestigious award programs such as the MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Awards, NYX Game Awards, TITAN Business Awards, TITAN Property Awards, London Design Awards, NY Product Design Awards, and many more, IAA aims to honor, promote and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry appropriate.