REQ Named 2022 US Search Award Finalist in 5 Categories

The US Search Awards recognize leaders and high performers in PPC, SEO, and content marketing across the country. These awards attract hundreds of the best nominees each year and honor campaigns, agencies, and individuals in the space.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for the best-in-class programs we run for our clients,” said REQ’s SVP, Media Brooke Weller. “We are so proud of our team that delivers day-in and day-out.”

Our Finalists

Informing Asian-Americans About a New Medicare Option

REQ was tasked with generating brand awareness and leads during the annual open enrollment period for Clever Care, a new Medicare plan providing comprehensive coverage for residents of Southern California and access to Eastern and Western medicines. This was a particularly unique challenge because the client wanted to specifically target a campaign toward Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese-speaking residents 64 years and older. 

REQ developed a cross-platform campaign that included English, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese language ads and keywords. The campaign targeted specific ZIP codes in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and California counties and incorporated search, social, and display media, as well as TV and radio.

The campaign was a resounding success, delivering:

  • 1,360 leads
  • 37,813 clicks
  • 394,885 impressions
  • A 9.58% CTR – 229% higher than the insurance industry’s CTR benchmark

Promoting a Sustainable Cryptocurrency Brand

Cryptocurrency is hot, but there are concerns about energy consumption around crypto mining. REQ’s client TeraWulf is working to ease those concerns – and asked us to help them create a campaign to educate audiences on the client’s zero-carbon Bitcoin mining solution.

Our efforts involved creating several landing pages designed to educate and inform. The pages focused on crypto mining – what it is, how it works, where it’s going, and how to do it in a sustainable manner. The pages were built around a comprehensive and ambitious keyword targeting campaign, site architecture planning, and SEO optimization. 

The results have been nothing short of impressive. To date, the site has 514 ranking keywords – 267 of which are directly attributed to the landing pages built by the REQ team. The rankings also include 5 of TeraWulf’s 13 total top 3 keywords.

Additional results include:

  • 42,000+ organic views
  • 22,000+ organic users (including new users)
  • 74 keywords ranking in the top 20 positions across Search Engine Results Pages

Delivering a Five-fold Increase in Leads for Health Insurance Provider

Evolution Healthcare (EVHC) specializes in partially self-funded health insurance programs for small- to mid-sized businesses. The company tapped REQ to increase lead generation among its target audience of HR and finance professionals.

REQ created a targeted lead generation campaign using a combination of Google search best practices and the award-winning TrueClicks tool. Our strategy involved combining campaigns with separate match types, narrowing down the keywords that worked, letting Google’s machine learning algorithms find and convert leads, and adding in some broad match keywords based on converting search terms.

The strategy worked. 

  • REQ increased EVHC’s lead volume by over 400% 
  • All of this was accomplished by keeping things simple and focusing on well-regarded industry tools and Google best practices, which speaks to REQ’s industry knowledge and expertise.

Driving Additional Revenue for Non-profit

The Human Rights Campaign is a non-profit organization that supports and raises funds for members of the LGBTQ+ community. They asked REQ for help in driving more revenue via a targeted ad spend campaign with a minimal 2x ROAS.

REQ implemented a massive search campaign restructure for the organization. The effort included keyword research, keyword cleaning, and theming to create organized and specific ad groups. The team also implemented URLs for product-specific keywords and Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) to provide each ad group category with targeted and relevant copy.

Over a four-week period, REQ transitioned HRC from standard shopping to smart shopping and added assets for more ad placement options. We worked closely with the client to keep them apprised of our work and inform them of the results, which included:

  • A significant 110% increase in conversions
  • A doubling of non-brand attributed conversions
  • A ROAS of 4.26, far surpassing the original goal of 2

Thanks to REQ, the Human Rights Campaign now has stronger brand awareness and the lion’s share of the market for LGBTQ+ search traffic.

Creating a Holiday Promotional Campaign Resulting in More Profits

Clearlight, a provider of luxury spa products, turned to REQ to jumpstart holiday season 2021 sales of its Clearlight Infrared Sauna. Focusing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, REQ implemented a cross-channel promotional campaign to generate engagement through organic and paid content. The goal was to drive as many leads as possible while increasing bottom line sales and revenue.

The REQ team employed a number of tactics. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads were used to target beauty and wellness, exercise equipment, and other segments, as well as non-branded keywords related to buying saunas, specific kinds of sauna products, and competitor keyword terms. Display ads targeted audiences through static and rich media, and blogs were optimized for specific keywords. The Responsive Search Ad type was used in combination with thoughtful ad copy to highlight the promotion, the health benefits of saunas, and calls to action.

The campaign yielded significant results, and improved upon Clearlight’s promotion from the previous year. Highlights included:

  • Overall 500% increase in ROAS (a 26% increase over the previous year)
  • 34.4% increase in sales, month-over-month
  • 26.44% increase in leads, year-over-year, smashing the lead volume goal
  • Improved keyword rankings by 80% year-over-year
  • Exceeded all goals for paid search, display, and paid social ads

As if that were not enough, Clearlight enjoyed its peak revenue for all of 2021 during the month REQ’s campaign ran. That’s the sign of a successful integrated campaign.