Why People Love Digital Marketing

Marketing has come a long way from the 1950’s boardrooms and it’s now a lot more fun to play in the digital marketing space than it’s ever been before.

Is it a little too self-serving to exclaim, “We love marketing”? Does it seem superficial to say marketers around the world are now discovering how uniquely fulfilling and enjoyable a career in marketing can be? Here’s why you might be hearing more of this: marketing isn’t what it was just ten or fifteen years ago.

Today it is an industry that not only rewards creativity, but it also relies heavily on input and guidance from analytical types; those who know how to connect with others, and those who seem to always exist on the leading edge of technology. Here are six reasons why today’s marketers seem to be happier and more engaged than ever in this growing field:

#1 – Innovation Is Fun

Marketing has always been a creative discipline, but digital marketing elevates the game to one of innovation. Creativity refers to delivering something new, but innovation is all about bringing something to the table that not only changes the rules of the game, but creates a uniqueness that can quickly separate one business from the rest. Those who innovate are proud to stretch the rules and redefine what it means to create.

#2 – Marketing Is Storytelling

Steven Spielberg proclaims his job is the best in the world because he simply gets to tell stories. In a way, today’s digital marketing professional is able to do the same thing – except he or she doesn’t have to hire actors and deal with the craziness and expense of a film set. The contemporary marketing director can creatively align products, processes, and people to tell a desired story. And history has proven time and again that these stories can blossom into full-blown marketing campaigns that can drive business in an authentic manner.

#3 – Tracking is Better

Back in the days of print marketing, you really couldn’t measure an accurate ROI on a specific campaign – so many external influences are always in play and shifting the behaviors of the buying public. But today’s marketers have access to an endless supply of analytics tools and trackers that can quickly disseminate important information from seemingly complex data streams. Simply put, marketing data is more easily obtainable today, and that means marketers can make changes more quickly and with more accuracy than before.

# 4 – Two-Way Marketing

Before the proliferation of social media, online advertising, and content marketing, most marketing campaigns were unidirectional. In essence, marketers would create a campaign, print it or prep it for delivery through television, print, or radio, and then sit back and hope the consumer reacted as desired. Today, though, creative types can initiate dialogue and two-way communications with the target audience – meaning that boatloads of feedback and relevant information can be gleaned in a matter of minutes from the base of prospects and customers. Marketers can have fun and interact with the audience, and they’re actively inviting loyal fans to join in on the fun and create user-generated content to help boost the brand. It’s gotten a whole lot more social in the marketing world these days.

# 5 – Marketing Is Accessible to More People

Unless you were a big player in 2008, few businesses could afford the six-figure price tag it cost to produce a 30-second TV spot destined for release on a national network. Just a few years before, though, a little startup called Facebook was launched, and it forever changed the way we think of marketing. With more than 1.79 billion active users, a slick, budget-friendly ad campaign has the potential to reach tens of millions of people for much less than you’d expect to pay for similar exposure via traditional marketing mediums. Marketing is way more accessible to those who have something to say – not simply those who can afford to say it.

# 6 – Constant Changes Are Engaging

Marketing aficionados are a curious and intellectual group, and the current digital marketing realm is one that keeps us on our toes. Rules change, preferences and predilections shift, and the audience is only a step or two away from the release of a new social media platform, piece of technology, or social whim that can redefine what it means to build a brand. As curious people by nature, marketers today like that the industry continually redefines itself.

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Marketers love digital marketing and this passion and excitement spreads to brands that understand today’s version of marketing is central to running a sound business. For more information about digital marketing and how the strategies and tactics of a cohesive digital marketing campaign can help your business, contact our digital marketing firm today!

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