Monthly Media Update: Google Rolls Out Diagnostic Insights

Earned Media

  • Earn a Knowledge Panel without a Wikipedia Page - There are 5 steps to this process which will allow a website to earn a knowledge panel on Google’s SERP without the need of a Wikipedia page. Having a knowledge panel significantly boosts credibility for users - could be particularly beneficial to ORM clients.
  • Google Helpful Content Update is Live - The algorithm update began on Aug 25th and completed its roll out roughly two weeks later. Google said this is a sitewide update that will "tackle content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines." The update will "help make sure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn't rank highly in Search.”. This will be felt more for online-educational materials, entertainment, shopping, and tech-related content.

Content, Social, Email

  • Apple’s Copywriting Magic - Millions of consumers know and love Apple's products but their copywriting team should get some love too. They are masters of distilling features and technical language into persuasive, emotional copy that drives decisions. This article takes inspiration from Apple to give readers 16 tips about improving their copy and generating more sales.

Paid Search

  • Google Ads rolls out diagnostic insights - Something is flagged in the account and you just don't know what is causing it? Now Google has a backend console area to help account managers figure out and fix what is wrong. Until recently, the only way to troubleshoot an issue was to contact support and try to solve a puzzle backwards. Now it's all there in front of you to sort out!
  • Google Performance Max self-upgrade tool now available for Local campaigns - Google has officially rolled out the capability of upgrading existing Local campaigns to Performance Max from the Recommendations tab in the Ads dashboard. Upgrading Local campaigns to Performance Max now will ensure your campaigns are running at peak performance levels as we prep for the holiday season.
  • Google Tests More Local Service Ads in SERPs - Several issues plague the local service ads currently, such as ads for fake businesses, ads for business profiles with fake reviews, and ads for business profiles that are deactivated. The aim is to increase consumer confidence in LSAs. This may also help to reduce the amount of competition with more ad inventory in play.

Paid Social

  • Reels are generating the most reach on Instagram - According to a new report from HypeAuditor shows that despite Reels being the 3rd most popular post option, they're seeing the most reach on the platform by a notable margin. To maximize reach and engagement on Instagram, advertisers should consider utilizing Reels placements and shifting to a more video-first strategy.
  • Which advertising campaign optimizations matter most? - The study found US advertisers could see a 35%–80% effectiveness improvement, on average, by optimizing their Meta campaigns for just four key levers: creative, frequency, duration and reach. 
  • TikTok introduces a new “About this ad” feature - Users now have the ability to customize their ad experience on TikTok giving advertisers the opportunity to target the correct audience.


  • Hulu launches self-service ad manager - This will allow advertisers with smaller budgets to access inventory on the platform. The campaign minimum spend is $500.
  • Politico launching 1P Audience targeting cia premium CTV inventory - Ability to target a dc-influencer 1P audience for a client really keen on reaching those people. Limitation is that it's only available on CTV right now and not able to activate via other tactics programmatically. Deck available upon request.
  • Display & Video 360 now offers DOOH inventory - Self-Serve DOOH inventory with low barrier to entry. Perhaps limited inventory compared to our display partners that work with the major players such as OutFront, Clearchannel, etc.


  • Funnel now supports Excel imports with multiple sheets/tabs - When configuring a file import, it is now possible to import a .xlsx-file with multiple sheets or tabs in it. We are now able to pick the specific sheet/tab and base the configuration on that. This update will make our file imports to funnel easier, as we can import excel files with multiple tabs now.
  • Improvements to Data-Driven Attribution - With data-driven attribution being a new feature coming from UA, it's great to see that they are taking it seriously and putting effort into building it out. This should help us in our conversion tracking within GA4 and also in linked platforms such as DV360 and Search Ads.
  • New Google Tag Replacing the Global Site tag - There are no changes needed to be made on our end or for our customers as the existing global site tag (gtag.js) is now the Google tag. But, it should allow users to create events directly in Google Ads. In the coming months CRM systems like HubSpot or Squarespace will be able to install a new Google tag without any code at all.

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