Monthly Marketing Update: New Email Sender Requirements

Paid Social

Reminder Ads on Instagram

Used with the Engagement objective in Ads Manager, you can create reminder ads from existing posts on an Instagram profile or from scratch in ads manager to promote your upcoming objective. The ad will display a button for "Remind Me" which opts the user in to notifications and updates before the live event, reminding them to re-engage or tune in before it starts. They are available only to professional accounts on Instagram, and supported on Feed & Stories only. Reminder ads are not compatible with scheduled live events, which display as Live video, when creating Instagram Feed posts with reminders. To create an Instagram post with a reminder that is compatible with reminder ads, you must create or select events that display as an Online event.

Budget Scheduling in Ads Manager

Meta is rolling out the capability to schedule budget fluctuations by $ amount or % increase/decrease at campaign or ad set level. You can choose to increase daily budget during certain periods to maximize promotional and sales opportunities. The campaign or ad set budget will reset to the initial parameters once the scheduled budget for the promotional period ends. Upon creating new campaigns, you can choose dates and times for scheduling automated budget increases by manually setting rules in the campaign build. It allows up to 50 rules to be set for budget control. 

Paid Search

Significant Updates at Amazon Ads' unBoxed Conference

Notable highlights include "Sponsored TV," a new ad type with no minimum spending requirement, suitable for U.S.-based Amazon sellers. This ad type streams on Amazon Freevee, Twitch, and third-party streaming TV services via Fire TV apps, offering a self-service solution for brands. Additionally, "Generative AI for Sponsored Brands Creatives" was unveiled to assist users in creating unique product images quickly. Amazon also presented "Amazon DSP & Goal-Based Bidding," enabling advertisers to set specific performance targets and optimize bids in real-time. The "Cross-Channel Planner" in Amazon DSP provides comprehensive insights and performance data across various platforms. "Events Manager" offers predictive audience creation, performance measurement, and automation for optimization. Amazon's "New to Brand Metrics" suite helps advertisers understand and optimize campaigns for new customers. These updates cater to advertisers at agencies, enhancing their capabilities within the Amazon advertising ecosystem.

Earned Media

Google Announces New Structured Data for Educational Videos

Google announces this new schema that can display rich results for educational video content and is already live in Search. This schema type allows for information like educational level and type of content (i.e. overview of topic or solution video). This is a great type of schema for clients that have a lot of informational videos that might be for a different audience than things like promotional or product-focused videos.

SEO Through the Google SGE Lens: What’s Changing?

  • Not everyone is served SGE with every query; SGE is still rolling out and we are still learning.
  • How it will change user behavior:  It is great for simple, one answer searches, but for more complex issues and questions, it's better to go with content written by actual people.
  • Optimizing for SGE: We may need to ask ourselves, “How do you produce really good content that Google will use as a source for its AI?” not “How do you produce valuable content for the end user?”
  • If there’s a net-new skill we need to add, it’s developing an understanding of how large language models (LLMs) spit out answers and what the model isn’t delivering that humans need to add. 


Instagram experiments with new stickers to facilitate holiday season engagement

  • “App” sticker to directly promote other apps: These can be used to promote deals, products, helpful tools, etc. Influencers could promote retailer’s apps, offers, and more. 
  • “Secret” sticker: These are only visible to those who respond to a Story with a message. They are an interesting approach for more direct response and engagement. 
  • “Music” sticker: These allow users to share their top tracks at the moment, and serve like a group mixtape among friends.

Ensure Your Emails Comply with Google and Yahoo's Newest Sender Requirements

Each email provider is highly focused on reducing the amount of spam that reaches users' inboxes. The three areas of focus for senders should be authentication, complaints, and unsubscribes. Failing to plan for this could cause your deliverability, and email program, to underperform in 2024. Moving forward, SPF and DKIM must be configured for all senders. Marketers should also keep an eye on their spam complaint rates - specifically, below 0.3%. And lastly, you need to make it EASY to unsubscribe. These providers want all emails to include a one-click unsubscribe link.

If clients want to continue to reach their customers or prospects via email, they need to follow these guidelines from two of the biggest email providers.

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