Monthly Marketing Update: Get Ready for Google Ads Demand Gen Campaigns

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Get Ready For Demand Gen Campaigns from Google Ads

Google Ads is moving away from its existing Discovery ads in favor of what it is calling Demand Gen campaigns. These campaigns target engagement across various channels – from YouTube (including Shorts), Discover, and Gmail – with ads in formats ranging from videos and carousels to portraits and square images.  While the new campaign type does not offer placement-level reporting, there will be asset-level performance reports. Interested advertisers can enroll in the beta until it rolls out to all advertisers in October.

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Zillow-Redfin Partnerships Opens New Doors to Home-Buying & Advertising

Through a new exclusive partnership between Zillow and Redfin, Zillow will become the sole provider of all non-MLS new construction listings on Redfin’s site and app. According to Zillow, the goal of the strategic partnership is to expand the reach of home builder listings on Zillow and allow Redfin customers to explore a broader range of new-construction homes for sale, “creating a seamless home-buying experience.” For advertisers, the partnership will open up new advertising opportunities to connect with high-intent shoppers on both Zillow & Redfin. New products related to the partnership should be rolling out this fall. Keep an eye out! 

Earned Media

Senior Search Analyst with Google Warns AI-Generated Content Can Be Generic

Content publishers are increasingly using AI to generate content from blog posts to papers, but search insiders continue to highlight the content may lack novelty. According to Seroundtable, John Mueller, a Senior Search Analyst with Google, emphasized that AI-generated content will be a rehash of what’s already on the Internet. He warned those striving to optimize their Search rankings that “None of the technical details matter when a site doesn't have a clear purpose, a value proposition that's focused on what users are missing, and that delivers.” Content publishers should keep focusing on providing your audiences content that is valuable and useful, not just checking a technical box.

Google Released Second Core Algorithm Update of 2023

Google rolled out its second core algorithm update of the year on August 22. if you suffered losses, it’s because Google’s algorithms now find other people’s content more likely to be a good fit for searchers. Rankings can recover, but in most cases you need to wait until Google runs another core update to see significant improvement. No one specific change will help you improve your ranking. What it really takes to recover from losses like this is a significant improvement in content across the site to make it truly helpful to searchers. Depending on the searcher’s query, robust content might not be relevant to them. If a bulleted list is more helpful in meeting the user's needs, then do that.

Content Deemed “Unhelpful” by Google? Here’s How to Recover

Has your content been classified as “unhelpful” by the Google Helpful Content System? Google's documentation says you can get the unhelpful content classification removed by "removing unhelpful content.” You may be asking whether you need to remove unhelpful content from the past, or just moving forward. We suggest both. In a post on X, Google suggests “self-assessing your content” for helpfulness as if you were a site visitor to pressure check its usefulness. Keep the content you think is helpful and ditch the content that isn’t.


New GA 4 Audience Report Helps Pinpoint Most Engaged & Profitable Audiences

The new Audiences report is now available in the User Attributes topic on the left in Reports in Google Analytics 4. An administrator or editor can add the report through the report library. This update enables advertisers to identify your most engaged and profitable audiences. It includes any audience with at least one user in the specified time period.

Customize Reports With More Match Types in GA 4

Google Analytics 4 Reports users can now use Match Types in order to add more customization. Report Filters now supports match types that include ‘begins with’, ‘exactly matches’, ‘partial matches’, and Regular expressions, or ‘regex.’  With this update, GA4 users can further customize the Report section in GA4 with more filtering options, further boosting advertisers’ ability to compare and filter data that’s useful to clients.

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