How REQ’s Editorial Services Team Turns Clients into Thought Leaders

Everyone wants great content. Clients, editors, and even search engines all hunger for well-articulated and insightful commentary that makes people think, feel, and even laugh.

At REQ, we’re committed to giving them all exactly what they want. That’s why we have our Editorial Services team.

Each of our clients has their own unique and fascinating stories to tell. Our job is to tell those stories in a way that resonates with readers -- who are also, ultimately, their customers -- and raise our clients’ visibility in a way that complements our traditional PR, reputation management, and digital marketing offerings.

Creating Engaging Long-Form Content

REQ’s Editorial Services team was born out of our public relations discipline. The team exists for one purpose: to produce the best-written content we possibly can for our clients, regardless of their industry. The team is a dedicated resource within REQ for the sole purpose of creating long-form copy that grabs the attention of our clients’ customers and elevates those clients’ standings as industry thought leaders.

The type of content we work on is just as widely varied as our team’s range of experience. As of this writing, we’ve developed more than 700 pieces of content over the past few years, including bylined thought leadership articles, white papers, case studies, blog posts, award submissions -- the list goes on. Our work has been featured on corporate websites, in major national news publications, on vertical news sites, and more. 

Extensive PR and Marketing Experience

We’re comprised of writers from different backgrounds and disciplines. Some of us used to be reporters; others used to work in PR and marketing. Collectively, we have experience in a wide range of industries, including information technology, government, healthcare, retail, education, and too many others to list. If I had to guess, I’d say that we have well over 100 years of combined experience running PR and marketing campaigns, covering stories, and developing content. 

We work fast, but smart. We ask questions, probe for insights, and find angles that otherwise may have been left uncovered. Although we appreciate a good lead time, we’ve been known to turn things around in a matter of hours, if necessary.  

Crafting Effective Content Marketing Strategies

When we work with our clients, we always strive to strike the right balance between tone of voice and messaging. We want the copy to match the personality and perspectives of the people and companies we’re writing for. We also want it to complement the messages that our clients convey throughout the other REQ marketing services they’re using. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with our account leads, all of whom know our clients inside-and-out. Together, we fine-tune our copy to ensure that it’s optimized to reflect exactly what you want to say.

Our work moves the needle for clients every day. We’ve received feedback that our efforts have led directly to increased awareness, product sales, and, in a few instances, an acquisition. That’s a testament not just to the Editorial Services team, but to our REQ client service teams who ensure our work matches what the client needs.

There are no signs of slowing down, either. We’re continually researching the latest content development trends and looking at ways to expand our team and service offerings. As they say, the best is yet to come. 

Want to learn more? Contact us. We’d love the opportunity to tell your stories.

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