National University

Amplifying website traffic to increase lead volume
REQ National University

Facts & Results

Over 1,400% increase in lead volume from Facebook
45% decrease in cost-per-lead
Over 4,000 leads
Over 141,000 website clicks

Our Role

Paid media
Social advertising
Creative services
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Increase lead volume and improve efficiency related to cost per lead to meet National University’s applicant and student start goals.


Our approach

National University partnered with REQ to manage all Facebook advertising campaigns, optimize performance, and report on results. We utilized NU’s existing videos and television commercials to perform testing with 15- and 30-second versions of each video in campaigns across brand, military, and program initiatives.

We analyzed results from Facebook, compared them to CRM results, and evaluated the discrepancy of lead volume. UTM and tracking parameters were amended onto each ad campaign URL to track campaign, audience, and creative for each campaign. This enabled all relevant information to track through the CRM, allowing for weekly optimizations to be made based on results.

We developed and optimized strategic audience recommendations to kick off the campaigns, including Facebook behavioral and interest targeting, CRM retargeting, website retargeting, and look-alike modeling for prospecting efforts. This audience mix allowed variety across campaigns while leveraging various creative and messaging at different stages of the funnel to qualify leads.

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