Building LEGOLAND into an online community

Facts & Results

Clicks to website from paid social ads increased by 329%
Clickthrough rate increased by 452%
Engagement rate increased by 370%

Our Role

Social media
Social advertising
REQ LEGOLAND Facebook Community


Improve LEGOLAND’s paid and organic social media campaign impressions, engagement, and clickthrough rates to increase brand awareness and build community.

Our approach

LEGOLAND California had always relied on traditional marketing efforts but partnered with  REQ to expand their marketing mix into digital. We increased social brand awareness organically by sharing user-generated content, acknowledging and engaging with people tagging LEGOLAND, and tagging other brands in LEGOLAND’S posts to reach their followers. We also utilized #LEGOLANDCA & #LEGOLANDCalifornia to start and monitor the conversation online.

We ran Facebook Ads to further increase brand awareness, targeting specific demographics to like and follow LEGOLAND’s page. In addition to the “like acquisition” campaign, we planned and ran social ads that directed users to their website and built the community by boosting posts with high engagement. 

REQ planned and scheduled a content calendar, focusing on an 80-20 ratio; 80% of posts are community-based and 20% are promotion-based. Posts were spread out over the day to maximize our reach in the newsfeed. By posting during different times of the day, cross-promoting social channels, participating in trending hashtags, and actively listening and responding to fans’ comments on posts, we maximized reach and increased engagement and clicks to LEGOLAND’s website.

REQ LEGOLAND Social Media Campaign

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